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  • What is the approximate weight of a MIK MAK Moose Bumper?
    The weight of our moose bumpers varies from model to model, but the average weight is from 280lbs to 380lbs. This weight includes the steel mounting bracket.
  • How does a MIK MAK Moose Bumper mount to the truck?
    At MIK MAK we ensure that our bumpers are mounted as rigid as possible to the frame of the truck with high grate nuts and bolts.
  • How does MIK MAK incorporate towing capabilities in our bumpers?
    Every bumper is built in our facility and comes with either double tow pins, single tow pin or are designed to also use factory tow hooks.
  • What kind of latching system does a MIK MAK Moose Bumper use?
    All of our bumpers are held in place by the original heavy-duty screw in eye bolts. This way there is less chance of wear and vibration.
  • Are all MIK MAK Moose Bumpers aluminum?
    Yes, they are, we only use 6061 grade aluminum which is one of the toughest structural grades available.
  • Are MIK MAK Moose Bumpers 100% completely welded?
    Yes, they are. All the welds on our bumpers are mig and tig welded 100%. There are no stitch welds on them at all.
  • Can you custom order a MIK MAK Moose Bumper with extra bars or lights etc.?
    Most of our bumpers are custom orders. We aim to please our customers. We have a wide variety of clearance lights and driving lights to offer.
  • How difficult is a MIK MAK Moose Bumper to open and close and is the hood hard to open?
    Most of our models are very easy to manipulate and hoods on most models of trucks are spring or gas assist for easy opening and closing.
  • What are the steps to upkeeping a MIK MAK Moose Bumper?
    Is washed frequently and avoid acid washes, the bumper can be kept in good condition. Most truck stops or automotive suppliers have a good selection of aluminum compound.
  • Where can we purchase a MIK MAK Moose Bumper?
    You can order a bumper through your local dealership or parts store, and you can also purchase from us directly. We can ship your bumper directly to you.
  • Are MIK MAK Moose Bumpers repairable?
    Most of the time our bumpers are repairable or can be straightened.
  • What is the guarantee on a MIK MAK Moose Bumper?
    Our bumpers are guaranteed for 1 year against quality workmanship.
  • Why should I purchase a MIK MAK Moose Bumper for my truck?
    Most importantly a MIK MAK Moose Bumper will protect your investment. In the event of a collision, your down time will be less, as components and parts for trucks tend to have lengthy wait times.
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